South Dublin Branch - Outing Report

Bluethroat - Ballycotton, Cork (photo: Paul & Andrea Kelly)

Branch AGM - 6th March 2018.

The 2018 Branch AGM was held in the Killiney Room of the Graduate Pub on Tuesday 6th March beginning at 8pm with 26 in attendance. The meeting was chaired by Frank Doyle assisted by Eleanor Keane, Niall Hatch and Joe Hobbs.

The minutes of the 2017 AGM were read and passed, followed by reports from the Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Webmaster and Chairman. Questions were taken from the floor.

After six years Fianna MacGinley is stepping down from the committee; needless to say we are sorry to loose Fianna and thank her for her great service. In her place we are delighted to welcome Gustavo Zoladz, who has been a regular on our branch outings and has contributed many of the pictures on this website.

Although not departing the committee, Frank Doyle and Eleanor Keane are stepping down as Chairman and Hon. Secretary respectably. It is no understatement to say that both Frank and Eleanor kept the branch on track during their tenure through a combination of shear hard work, considerable know-how and generous personalities. Both the Chairman and Secretary positions remain vacant for now.

The AGM was followed by a bird quiz, with questions set by Niall and Eleanor, and some tea, coffee and light refreshments.

The full committee for the coming year is as follows:

  • Niall Hatch - Honorary Treasurer
  • Frank Doyle
  • Eleanor Keane
  • Ronan Browne
  • Robert Busby
  • Rachel Hynes
  • Gustavo Zoladz
  • Des Higgins
  • Joe Hobbs - Webmaster

Joe Hobbs

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