South Dublin Branch of BirdWatch Ireland

Shanganagh Beach and Cliffs with Killiney Hill and Dalkey Island in the background (photo: Ronan Browne)


Find South Dublin Branch on

Find South Dublin Branch on

The South Dublin Branch of BirdWatch Ireland, the national NGO wild bird conservation group, has around 2,500 members in the south city and Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown catchment area.

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The branch organises meetings, slide shows, local and coach field trips between September and June and July and August in some years. Our members are active in many local and national conservation projects. Non-members are more than welcome to all of our events.

When the original Dublin branch of the Irish Wildbird Conservancy split in three, the South Dublin branch was formed in 1984 as 'Dublin Southside' with the late Maurice Bryan appointed as our first chairman. We began activities with a film show at the old Hotel Victor on Rocherstown Avenue on Tuesday, 6th November 1984 followed by an outing to the North Bull Island on Saturday, 10th November. By the end of 1985 the branch had changed its name to the present one and our outdoor events were moved to take place on Sundays.

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BirdWatch Ireland

Founded in 1968 as the Irish Wildbird Conservancy, BirdWatch Ireland is the largest independent conservation organisation in Ireland. It is focussed on the conservation of birds and biodiversity in Ireland and aims to target their resources effectively so that they can promote nature conservation among policy-makers and the wider public.

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