Event Report

Branch AGM - 6th March 2012.

The 2012 Branch AGM was held at the Kingston Hotel, Haddington Terrace, Dun Laoghaire on Tuesday 6th March beginning at 8pm with 27 in attendance. The meeting was chaired by Stephen McAvoy assisted by Aileen Prole and Niall Hatch.

The minutes of the 2011 AGM were read and passed, followed by reports from the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer and finally the Chairman's report. Joe Hobbs described how development work on the new Branch website was progressing.

After 8 years of dedicated service to the committee Aileen Prole has stepped down as Honorary Secretary and has been replaced in that position by Eleanor Keane. Nominations were sought for new members and the following were successful; Joe Hobbs, Wyndham Beere, Fianna MacGinley and Ena Ronayne. The full committee for the coming year is as follows:

  • Stephen McAvoy - Chairman
  • Eleanor Keane - Honorary Secretary
  • Niall Hatch - Honorary Treasurer
  • Robert Busby
  • Wyndham Beere
  • Colum Clarke
  • Caroline Hussey
  • Fianna MacGinley
  • Ena Ronayne
  • Frank Doyle
  • Joe Hobbs - Webmaster

Joe Hobbs

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